One simple relationship hack to get you everything you want

When you’re not getting what you want…

Pull away indirectly

  • Don’t make it seem like you’re reacting, instead accidentally distract yourself so they can’t take offense
  • what’s convenient about this, is that you will eventually stop your emotions from getting caught up in someone else’s actions

Get them to do something for you

  • This could be something as can you hand me a napkin
  • This wouldn’t make them feel like your trying to get something from them, they would do it naturally

Reward them for the activity

  • This is real subtle, you don’t want to make someone feel inferior
  • Saying thank you in a positive tone makes them feel rewarded for something that you asked them to do


Communication for dummies.

If you want more of something from your partner,

Praise him !

Praise him , so he will feel inclined to do more of it

with these 3 simple steps

1) – I noticed earlier that you ________

2) – Thanks for doing that !

3) – It made me feel _________



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